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Hi there, I’m Sergei Z

I'm a guitar and bass player, composer, educator, and songwriter in Hollywood, CA. I have been teaching the guitar and bass since 2005 and am now a Los Angeles City College tutor.


Sergei Ziryanov is a guitar player, composer, arranger, educator, and songwriter in Los Angeles. His song "Descend", written in collaboration with DJ Jamonja, peaked at number one on the Rock Delux magazine in Spain.

Sergei’s influences include rock music of the 1990's and guitar shredders like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and John Petrucci. He is also inspired by such jazz virtuosos as John Coltrane, Charlie Parker and Esperanza Spalding, as well as classical composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi and Niccolo Paganini. Sergei can perform in a wide variety of musical genres including rock, blues, jazz, pop, funk, R’n'B and soul.

At Berklee College of Music he earned a master certificate in guitar, won a “Celebrity Scholarship” in the name of Steve Vai, and became a students’ mentor. At Los Angeles City College (LACC), Sergei received both an Associate’s of Arts degree and a Herb Alpert Music Academy completion award in guitar performance. His awards and scholarships include the LACC Music Academy Outstanding Performance, the Dean’s Honor in Recognition of Outstanding Scholastic Achievement, and the David Alpert award among others. Sergei was a teaching assistant for commercial guitar course, one of the founders of LACC’s Vermont Avenue Records, and is now a music theory, harmony and musicianship tutor. He also won the Fender Play Loud Contest special award. In 2022, Sergei participated in the Summer Music Study Abroad program in Spain. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music at Cal State LA.

Sergei has performed and toured with multiple original and cover bands including ScreamDriver, original instrumental progressive rock, and Deuces Wild, jazz and cover band. He was a transcriber and vocal arranger with Arena Musical, Los Angeles. Sergei also worked in Berlin as a guitar tutor with British Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) and music school, La-La-Fa.

His goals are to continue exploring and mastering guitar performance in commercial music and beyond, as well as becoming a college professor. Sergei plans to continue teaching private lessons and start a subscription-based platform of instructional video lessons. He keeps developing and modifying his home studio to be able to offer more recording services. Sergei also continues to record a new album and play live shows with his original alternative prog rock band, Pink Pops.

Education & Awards

Master in Guitar, Berklee College of Music

Aug 2013 - Dec 2015

This is a master certificate program focused on guitar performance in various contemporary music genres by Berklee College of Music, Boston MA

Music Academy Completion Award in Guitar Performance, Herb Alpert Music Center

Feb 2020 - Dec 2021

This is an applied program focused on guitar performance in commercial music provided by Music Academy of Herb Alpert Music Center, Los Angeles, CA

Associate of Arts in Music, Herb Alpert Music Center

Aug 2019 - Jun 2022

This is a guitar major program with the focus on commercial music and transferring to a four-year university after graduation. Provided by Herb Alpert Music Center, Department of Music, Los Angeles City College.

LACC Music Academy Outstanding Performance Award

Dec 2021

This is an honors award for outstanding performance established by Herb Alpert Music Center, Department of Music, Los Angeles City College.

Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching

Jan 2016 - June 2017

This is a post graduate program provided by University of Sussex, UK where I studied the holistic approach, deep and surface learning, and many other great things that have since been helping me teach others.

Bachelor's Degree, Omsk State University

Sep 2000 - June 2005

This is my bachelor's degree from the university in Russia. 

Berklee Celebrity Scholarship in the name of Steve Vai


This is one of the awards that I'm really proud of because Steve Vai has always been one of my favorite guitarists who's inspired me since I was a teenager.

Fender Play Loud Special Award


Another award that I'm grateful for because Fender is one of the most renowned musical instrument manufacturers which makes great sounding and stylish electric guitars.

Herb Alpert Scholarship

Dec 2019

This is an award that I received from Herb Alpert Music Center in Hollywood, CA. It allowed me to continue my education, and get my guitar playing to the next level.


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